is she worth it?


hi ive got a fourtrak fieldman l reg 2.8td that i love to bits thing is the fuel pump has given up the ghost and realistically it needs a new fuel tank, pump, windowscreen (due to me and a piece of wood that was too long when i shut the back door on it oops!) and the front left automatic hub has a spring or something gone in it; the question is although she is invaluable to me as a farmer do i repair it and mot it or just look for another?????? any ideas would be gratefully appreciated thanks.

Scrap or Repair

Working in such an environment always means more wear and tear on such vehicles, and usually more wear and expense.

Windscreen - straightforward replacement by any windscreen company, check your insurance as if it is cracked or chipped it may be repaired free by your insurers. If it is a replacement it also may be covered by insurance, if not it is a case of ringing around for fixed quotes.
Automatic Hub - another straightforward item, secondhand would be the most obvious, or replace them both with manual hubs. This will mean getting in and out of the vehicle to engage and disengage them though.
Fuel tank - what is the problem? if it is corrosion and a hole it can be replaced with a stainless steel item, many companies make them as a bespoke item. Again it is a matter of getting a quote, it will be more expensive than a new item, but last the life of the vehicle.

Fuel Pump - by this i think you mean the injection pump, go to a local diesel injection specialist, they will recondition it for you at a fraction of the cost of a new pump. While it is off have a new cam belt fitted as it will already have been removed, again it is a case of ringing around for a quote.

Nothing to problematic, its simply a case of how much and how long if you intend keeping the vehicle.

thanks for the reply i have

thanks for the reply i have got a quote for a second hand window screen and am waiting for a quote to recon the injection pump, how difficult is it to change the automatic hub and should i just change the broken one or both? sorry to keep asking but i really dont want to loose my old gal as shes looked after me ace for 5 years on a farm doing some very good hill work!

Changing the hub is as

Changing the hub is as simple as unbolting it and replacing with the new one.

Before fitting the new hub it is advisable to eliminate the problems which cause them to fail, this is the ingress of dirt and water, this corrodes the internals. Fill the exposed wheel bearing with a waterproof lithium grease, pack the hub with the same grease and force it in fully, overfill slightly then bolt on the new unit. This will squeeze any surplus grease out and ensure it is full, this will prevent water or dirt entering. Check them annually and repack with grease, in 11 years i have had no problems since i fully fill with grease.