Sportrak rear wiper motor??


does anyone have a working spare rear wiper for a sporti?
Its a 93 1.6elxi and would really like a motor for the back window as its a complete pain in the derrier not being able to see out after a day or 3 after cleaning the tiny tank....


i suspect it will be the same one in a fourtrak too - give graham dewhurst a call surehe will have one in. - also is it really buggered? - i have repaired rear motors on other vehicles before jut depends how far you want to go lol!!



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Mine was'nt working when I got it,just stripped it down.Only the spindle was seized.Take the washer off,theres a small split ring on shaft.Take rear cover off and remove the two split rings and link and remove the spindle,may need persueding with a hammer(but protect the threads)then clean it up regrease and reasemble.and 30-40 quid saved.