Changing the Seats


The seats in my 1987 F70 Fourtrak TD are falling to pieces.

I have seen some of the photographs showing new seats which some of you have fitted. Where can I get my hands on some, or can I simply pull the runners off my old onces and fit them into a new set from a scrapyard?

If anyone can recommend a dealer and give me an idea of cost as well it would be appreciated.


Cant help with your question but mine are the same (88 4Trak)

The latter ones might fit, i would phone graham dewhurst the daihatsu breakers and see if they can help.

I am going to have a look at the mounts and probably look round a breakers yard. I fitted a set to a landrover a few years ago from an old volvo 460, very comftable and heated as well!

Let us know how u get on.



The front seats I have are af

The front seats I have are aftermarket sports seats. I had to modify the seat mounts to make them fit. This mod should be passed by machinery inspections here, but I didnt bother. The rear is a later model Rocky one, the only difference being the floor catch, which I had to fabricate.
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You should basicly be able to

You should basicly be able to get any seats you like, then unbolt the old seats from the runners and weld the new seats onto the old runners.

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Changing seats

I`ve just fitted a set of leather seats with integral belts and elctric height adjustment from a Jaguar XJS sport. Used the original mounting bracket but had to reduce the height of this to compensate for the size of the XJS runners. I bolted a plate to the seat base and then welded the plate to the bracket in the right place, sounds easier than it was but the original monunting bracket on the fourtrak is very narrow and quite far forward, i think you`ll find most seats from other vehicles are alot wider. It can be overcome if the seat itself fits between the trans tunnel and the door pillar!! You could try to get hold of a set of recarro seats from an astra or similar as these are narrow, i fitted a set of these to a Suzuki and they went straight in no problems and they are not known to have alot of room to work with !!
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