This blooming DIM-DIP REALY


Anyone else having problems with this
DIM-DIP realy???

Got a Daihatsu Sportrak thanks to DAVE with a SPORTY nearly got everthing sorted, apart from this B****Y thing.
I believe that if i replace it with an ew one everything SHOULD be OK but i cannot get one down here, anyone know where i can get one posted to me, or to buy on-line.
I'm in KENT

Thanks guys, by the way hasn't the site grown?


Dim Dip Relay.

I think you are having the same problem I did. My headlights were ok on dipped, then when you switched them to full beam one went out, I think! Anyway the garage just disconnected the box, as it isn't really needed and it passed its' MOT ok. Newer cars dont have one.
Hope this helps,

What is the problem your havi

What is the problem your having. I'm in Dover if you need any help?

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