Hello and here we go!


Greetings. I'm newbie here after coming over from Suzukiclub.co.uk (hi to any expats!) My beloved SJ410 was stolen and torched. I couldn't get another one (other half not too keen) so we negotiated; I wanted my convertible Jeep, she wanted something with more power and no soft top - settled on a 1996 Sportrak ELXi, quite reasonably priced fron local dealer.


In 4H car is normal. In 2H car is fine forwards but noisy 'clunk' from drivers side front wheel in reverse. So, follow procedure for unlocking hubs. Switch to 2H again and reverse fine! YAY! Drive forward then reverse to test, DAMN! big clunking sound again!

I guess that the much maligned auto LWH is the prob and I think I can manage the strip down as detailed on the forum (many thanks). BUT... which LWH to strip? Is it the 'normal' passenger side, or is that the one that's bust? Is the noisy drivers side actually doing the right thing, trying to unlock but failing?

Stupid question but... if the vehicle is working correctly and the procedure for unlocking the auto LWH is followed, is there any idication from the vehicle when the hubs are unlocked? (nb. 4WD indicator on dash illuminates following position of transfer lever OK)