Hijet with broken engine.help please



I have an Hijet 1000cc Diesel from 1996.
But the engine is broken. (He was overheated and is now using a lot of oil)
I am searching for a new engine; but it seems that this ia hard to find.
Is there a place where I have a chance to find my nice car a new/used engine?
Witch engines will fit in my 1996 car.(will a 1300cc from a newer version work?

(I have found an almost new 1300cc engine but the car is a petrol version
Can I replace everything and change my car from a diesel to a petrol one?)

Like you see, I just want my car back on the road. I will try everything to fix this problems.

Any tips and information is welcome.



best bet is hold on and wait

best bet is hold on and wait till one turns up on auction,
i waited a few weeks for a engine on ebay,
and by chance found a damage cat c down the scrap yard and bought the whole van for £150,

keep a eye on ebay and phone around some local scrap yards


Hello mate, the logistics involved in converting a diesel to petrol alone would probebly out way the actual value of the van my friend. Hence go and buy another van!!!

The diesel version of the Hijets im told were infact rubbish and very unreliable whaich is why they are not common.

You could maybe find a good local garage and have your engine reconditioned all the way through hence knowing that it will then be sound but the cost of that coul;d also be high.

Personnally i would trade you van in on another Hijet preferbly a petrol one ( 1300cc) as they are more efficient and have alot more grunt than the older 1000cc vans.

I wish you good luck in whatever decision you make.

Regards. Brendan.