rear crossmember 2.8 fortrak 1994 tdx


i know i can buy a new cross-member, but could anybody tell me if this is a bolt-on replacement or ,do i have to have it welded on.
thanks buddy[quote

rear crossmember

It helps if you say WHAT you you own, we may be good on this site but we are not yet mind readers. Give us the facts ,model , year, ect, and then some one may be able to help you.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


its for a 94 2.8 turbo fourtrak independany tdx I have seen a phon number for one but it did not say if it wos bolt on /or welled on mine is rusted off but chassis is good

Very Cross Member

Not available so it is a fabrication job, and they are welded in.

rear cross member

Can you please tell me who sells these cross members.Need one for a 1995 fourtrak TD(swb) many thanks