New to Fourtrak (and 4x4!)


Hi, newbie here.

Just picked up a '94 Fourtrak indi. Seems to be in excellent nick, hardly any rust, 125k on the clock, spotless inside and in the engine bay. Sailed through MOT.

Now for the questions!
The rear side window runners are quite rusty. Are these replaceable?
The front hubs seem to get warm....does this mean they need greasing, or is it normal?

Ta folks


The rear windows are prone to rust, simply clean and paint them, coat the contact areas with liberal coatings of Vaseline or similar.

The front hubs do get warm, and these are a source of potential problems, these being full of water and compacted mud which causes them to fail.

This problem is easily overcome, remove them and clean thoroughly, the wheel bearing is accessible so adjust and pack this fully with grease. Oil the hub assembly by filling with engine oil and draining to ensure full lubrication, then pack this fully with grease until it is slightly overfull. Assemble the hub back onto the vehicle, this will force any surplus grease out, and with the wheel bearing/front hub full of grease, no water or mud will enter the unit; instant reliability.

Use a marine or waterproof lithiun based grease, this costs a little more but will ensure any water which may enter the hub will not attract itself to the metal surfaces. Dismantle the hub annually, adjust the wheel bearing, repack the entire hub again, this will prevent future problems.

Cheers. I take it the

I take it the removal of the hub unit is straight forward, ie wheel stays on, all the bits wont ping out all over the place etc?!

'94 Fourtrak Independent

'94 Fourtrak Independent

side window runners

The side window runners are more rarer than hens teeth, clean them out well and make sure the drains slots are clear, moss has a wonderful life in the tracks. grease with vaseline as 'assassin 'advises and slide them back and forth at regular intervals to keep the track clear and lubricated. A person who knows about moss identified 5 different mosses in the sliding window tracks of my truck before I was aware of a problem, as I had never used the windows.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX