Hey you all,

I'd like to get some insight from anybody who might know.
I need u-joint for my 1998 SWB F73. My problem, as usual, is that I need to know if and which other car make/model u-joint will fit my 4trak. Simple.
Anyone knows? I know Milner sells them, but from where I am it's very costy to order from them. So since I can barely find Daihatsu 4Trak specific parts pretty much anywhere else (on the internet), I have decided to find out whick other make/model share parts with 4Trak. i.e: shocks are same as Ford F-150!! In that line of things....
U-Joints anybody? Or maybe just make and part number. Those are my best shot at getting affordable parts for the Trak and being able to compare prices and makes.
Greatly appreciated. Always very useful forum and very helpful members.

Universal joints

Find a local supplier, these should have access to the manufacturers technical database, this will provide the technical specifications and dimensions. From these dimensions most manufacturers will match a set from stock, they are all pretty much manufactured to a standard size of components. Retain the part numbers for future use.


Yes . do as assassin advises. I did this and found a Volvo part was the same U/J as the Land Rover item I was seeking, and it was in stock, whereas it was a special order for the L/R item if they could even get it.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX