whats the biggest tyres that will fit on a fourtrak with 2inch lift as my diffs keep grabbing the ground im going to get suzuki wheels as they are 16inch but whats the biggest i can go?? cheers


Look in the wheels and tyres section Smile

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31 inch sensible

Although its possible, try not to go bigger than a 31" tyre, it puts extra strain on gearing and bearings etc, if you have 16" rims there is a huge variety to choose from because you can get the common land rover tyres etc but you can also get the common 31-10.50 r16 which is probably best all round, 33's will fit just, make sure you have bump stops etc, but youll be using 1st gear a hell of alot more.

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Take into account your steering lock, loss of, with bigger/wider tyres.

On a standard rim a 31-10.50x15 is the max, due to rubbing on the chassis., make sure you have all bump stops fitted or you will get damage to the flared arches on full compresion of shocks/suspension and these require more use of the lower gearing, affecting fuel use. Wheel spacers though seem a good idea, but they do place an extra strain/wear on bearings and studs. I run these 31-10,50 x 15 tyres and am well aware of the loss of steering lock, but the girl looks well wearing them, and they do all I ask.

Bigger tyres are not the end all to offroad problems, your clearance under the lowest point, the diff case is what causes most peoples problems real or imaginary, the trick is knowing this and driving with this in mind, where on your truck this is, not plouging on regardless.

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Avoid the Suzuki wheels, they are simply not strong enough for the Fourtrak. I have seen many of them deteriorate through stress fractures leading to them collapsing when cornering or heavy braking.

If you wish to fit 16" wheels try an aftermarket wheel or accessories supplier as these will supply wheels of the correct size and strength for the vehicle.