norfolk coast path


I am having another mid life crisis and taking my daughter camping in a couple of weeks and I am wondering if any one has driven any of the coast path or if there is anywhere in the area around Cromer that I/we can do a bit of gentle off road or green laning.

cheers Geoff H

sorry i dont think so

I was up round there about a month ago and from what i could tell there is nothing green lane wise in norfolk, you want to get yourself the ordnance survey maps they shoiw all byways, i have the one that covers the section below cromer/sheringham and there is absolutely nothing for off roaders apart from the odd club and off roading site, but i drove all round the coast of cromer/sheringham, near/pat muckleburgh collection and did not see one single byway sign and there are hardly any roads so god knows.

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
youtube: Redfourtrack

coast track

I did the boy scout bit with daughter and it was quite good for a change of scenery and a Bugga it we will do it tomorrow chill out break.Makes a change from chasing delivery slots or the ferry. We didnt find any green lane or off road sites but still had fun with sporty loaded to the roof with camping gear and other gear still averaged 32.9 mpg bless her.Quote: