F78 Push rod cover oil leak


It appears the clutch slip on my F78 is being caused by engine oil that appears to be leaking very slowly from the lower edge of the push rod cover and dripping in between the bell housing.
Is this leak common?
Could it be just that the cover needs tightening, or is there such a thing as a push rod cover gasket that might have gone?
I can't find reference to the push rod cover anywhere on this site and the (f75) manual doesn't mention any gasket.
Any ideas?

have you tried instant

Wink have you tried instant gasket?.this might be a idea for you,clean up all the surfaces apply and see if it works.does seam odd that you cant get a gasket tho.good luck Blum 3


thanks. what i'm trying to

thanks. what i'm trying to work out is if there is such a thing as a push rod cover gasket. i've searched everywhere on this forum and haven't found anything at all about the push rod cover. the only thing i have found about it is in the manual. somebody out there must have taken it off at some point?!

another idea for you

why dont you try your local motor factors down here its mill auto supplies,i am in cornwall.gice them your reg number and they will be able to tell you if there is a gasket.i am doing the head on my sportrak at the moment and had no problems getting the gaskets i needed. Scratch one-s head



It is called the rocker cover gasket, and not the push rod gasket, Milners do them and will post one to you.

Do not use instant gasket compound on its own as it will not seal, the gasket is cork and expands when wetted with oil, thus sealing the joint.

To fit is simple, remove the rocker cover, scrape the old gasket off both surfaces and clean thoroughly. Place a thin smear of no hardening gasket compound on both surfaces and position the gasket, this compound will help to hold it in place. Reassemble the components and tighten down, this will seal the rocker cover.

Spray degreaser onto the engine and clean off with a hose to remove the oil, this will allow you to check for leaks with a clean engine.

Many thanks for your

Many thanks for your replies, sorry been away.

assassin, please excuse my ignorance but i thought the rocker cover was the thing on top of the engine (with oil filler cap). the plate i'm talking about is on the (turbo) side, and is referred to in the F70-75-77 manual on page EM-41 as the 'push rod cover', and no mention of a gasket. From the looks of things this is where my leak is coming from on my F78.
the rocker cover gasket on milners doesn't look like the right shape according to the picture in the manual, however the gasket at the bottom of the picture on this page http://www.blueprint.by/goods/ADD66237.html looks like exactly what i'm after. any ideas?

You're right about giving it a good clean though. Thanks for all the advice.

Push Rod Cover / Fourtrak Manual

Yes, it's odd. Page EM-41 the dismantling , no mention of gasket, for the "Push Rod Cover" . (Side of block under the turbo). Page EM-60 the rebuild, again no mention of gasket or any sealing material.!!!!

Like others I thought you were refering to the Rocker Cover Gasket !!!!.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX