Fourtrack Independent Roofrack


Hello to every one on here this is my first post as iam new to this, iam in need of some imformation please can any one tell me how the full length roofrack fits to the back of the vechical any pics would be really helpfull many thanks


Very simply, if it is an original Daihatsu component it simply bolts on at the rear, andclips to the gutter at the front.

Begin by removing the plastic or metal trim around the outside of the rear door, the top and one down each side depending upon model.

With an assistant, place the roofrack in position, line the mounting plate holes up with the holes in the rear of the rear trim and attach loosely. Locate the four gutter clamps at the front, and assemble them loosely, tighten the rear bolts and fir the trim, then tighten the four gutter clamps.

Ensure you grease the bolts as they do rust quite easily, before fitting them.


Many thanks for your help i will look at mine tonite and let you know how i get on cheers Dean

just some advice... be

just some advice...

be careful not to load the roof rack too much, it weighs down on the front sills causing hairline cracks which allow water to run down around the doors into the foot wells. thankfully i caught mine early on and filled the cracks with translucent silicone sealant.

the other thing to bear in mind with a roof rack on a 4x4 is the higher centre of gravity.