heater matrix (getting dash off)


Hey, got a problem with the heater matrix i think well there is a leak somewhere and when i have the heating on hot after a while steam start coming out from the dash. The car is using a lot of water and it is ending up in the river footwell. Cananyone explain how to get the dash of i have tried and couldnt seem to find all the screws. Also if i do need a new heater matrix has anyone got one Unknw

'93 Fourtrak 2.8TDL I had

'93 Fourtrak 2.8TDL

I had this this a while after I got my Trak... it was a fiddly job removing the dash in all its different pieces; & taking the matrix itself out was a painful process, but then I'm no mechanic. I believe I began at the top above the clock etc, & worked down from there... loosening & only removing what was necessary. Time & patience were the key, & stopping to think from time to time. Some of the screws as I recall were quite well hidden, especially at the bottom of the console, above the transmission tunnel...it's not a job I'd want to do every week!
I made enquiries in UK at a dealer in Ipswich (if memory serves) & the price new was £400, so I bought one from German ebay & had a local rad specialist make a good 'un from the original & the Gerry one. Putting back was fun & as always, I ended up with homeless screws, which are still rattling in the ashtray.
Maybe none of this will be of any use, but to me it's like therapy getting it out of my system Biggrin
Hope it goes well for you

'93 Fourtrak 2.8TDL

Heater matrix replacement

Not sure about this , but give radiator rebuilders a try, its in their line of work, sure you would find one in the yellow pages or online.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

The Matrix

Try your local Serck Marston, they will recore your original unit considerably cheaper than a new item, and it will be more reliable than a secondhand item.

Ensure you flush your cooling system and run with a 50/50 mixture of anti-freeze, not running anti freeze is the biggest cause of failures of radiators and matrixes.

Anti-freeze is something of a misnomer, preventing freezing is a secondary duty, its main duty is preventing corrosion in the cooling system.