Unexplained transmmision noise


Their seems to be something catching or rubbing or dry bearing sound in the transmmision that increases in noise the faster i go. I have tried it with no front prop first, Then no rear prop. Results the same, so i checked the wheel bearings, Ok! So does anyone know of this fault.? Could it be the gearbox or the transfer box thats knackerd? There are no gear selection probs and no transfer selection probs, even the four wheel drive button works,also the front hubs lock and drive. Advice appreciated Phil.

Unexplained transmission noise

Phil, the only experience that I have had with this type of noise was due to either a chipped gear tooth - no other problems, just the noise or worn pilot bearing on the main input shaft of the gearbox. If a chipped tooth was the problem, the noise would only occur when that particular gear is seleced, so I suggest that you diagnose the noise as follows:-
1. If the noise only occurs when the clutch is pushed in, likely culprit is a worn throwout bearing or pilot bearing in the back of the flywheel.
2. Systematically all gears to see if noise is confined to one gear only - indicating a chipped tooth.
3. If the noise occurs regardless of which gear is selected, but disappears when the clutch is engaged whilst the car is stationary, my bet would be a worn pilot bearing on the main input shaft of the gearbox.
Since all gearbox work is a big pain in the butt, I would suggest that you try changing the transmission oil to eliminate such possibilities as low lubricant level or poor viscosity before biting the bullet and pulling the thing out as this type of noise can also be due to a bad diff.
All the best,
David Mc

David Mc