Hijet efi wont start


I have a Hijet 993 efi that doesnt want to start !

Had this problem for a few weeks but it has started eventually, wont start at all though this morning.

All lights come on when key is turned, then theres a whirring noise, then nothing.

Checked all the dist leads they are all pushed on firmly, so am I right in thinking its a distributor fault, either the head or the module Unknw

Any help is appreciated as I need to get van going asap as it our only source of income at present.


have ya looked at the

have ya looked at the starter motor? and the wires are tightened up? will it bump start? try these for starters ok . ill keep lookin 4 ya


Bugger starter motor badly

Bugger starter motor badly burnt out, dist cap and rotor arm all furred up as well so looks like new starter, dist cap and rotor arm..

Cheers for that cake1

welcome mate . thats wot

welcome mate . thats wot this sites all about help wen we can. let me know wen shes up an running.