terios manuals?


Hi ... I've the proud owner of a 2000 terios plus and have been told that I can't get a workshop manual for it from any source!!??... nothing has actually gone wrong but I hate having a car without full info!.. I would be grateful if someone could put me out of my misery ... one way of the other.. either that the story is true and I can't get a manual .. or that some clever person out there has managed to scrounge one from a dealer .. or something..... cheers!

Graham Jones-Ellis

Terios Manual coming soon

I have got hold of a service manual for the 2000 Terios and onwards so I will be putting it on CD and should be selling them along with the others soon.
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terios manuals

Brilliant!!!.. just the reply I was looking for!!!... where will you be selling them?... how do I get a hold of you?... or should I say them?.. where do I keep my eye on!?