F78 Fourtrak Brake Pads and Shoes


I live in Spain and Fourtraks are thin on the ground here and not known to the local motor factors etc. I have recently replaced all my brake linings and thanks to Milner's had the parts shipped out as I couldn't find them here.

My question is, Toyotas are common here and given the Daihatsu/Toyota parentage I was wondering if there is any commonality with Toyota parts? Does anyone know?


Many of the components were sourced fron the Toyota parts bins, the 2.8 engine is derived from its original Toyota engine, as are many more components.

Many are also pure Daihatsu, if in doubt it is worth cross referencing the part numbers from component suppliers handbooks.

One prime example is with my old F20, the oil filters were discontinued, checking revealed that the Skoda oil filters were an exact part, so packs were purchased. It pays to keep any old parts catalogues you can scrounge from your local motor factors, as they are usually a valuable source of information for cross referencing.

Many thanks. On another

Many thanks. On another subject I have to change my CV boots and have read your very helpful comments on other threads.

I am clear that the nearside can be done without dismantling the suspension etc. but I am still unclear about the offside. The offside has no obvious securing bolts for the inner joint as found on the nearside. Could you advise? Thanks.

David T