New Fourtrak, not so Horny....


Excuse the pun...

I picked up my new 1998 Independant TDX saturday morning...and Im loving it. However one of the problems to show itself after getting it home and looking it over with a closer inspection, is that the horns don't work at all.

The wiring to the horns themselves is fine, the connectors are greased and clean, the fuse is intact and the button on the steering wheel still contacts to earth so it should work...but they don't.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm used to horns having relays, but as yet we are unable to find one for them on the fourtrak...and I have yet to buy myself a haynes.

Any help most appreciated!

I think that the horn relay

I think that the horn relay is in a "master relay" under the passenger dash, you can see it from laying your head in the footwell. There is also a junction/relay box under the driver dash. I was going to fit new horns to my Fourtrak, but gave up due to the horn system being mind bogglingly difficult.

thanks for the lead, will

thanks for the lead, will have a look when I get the chance! I found the fuse panel on the drivers side, but couldn't for the life of me find the relays!

I must admit the idea of wiring a complete new horn system to the switch on the steering wheel has crossed my mind, it wouldn't be too difficult and would cut out the need for the over complicated standard system.