Terios replacement seat covers?


Hi folks - newbie member here with a question.

My mum has just replaced her 1.3 Terios with a new 1.5 Terios and given me the old car as a winter driver and general shift-stuff-about car. It's in very good condition except the driver's seat base is worn through at one point.

My question is, is it possible to buy matching replacement seat covers from Daihatsu? A long time ago I bought an exact replacement cover from BMW for a Touring driver's seat - just stripped down the seat, swapped covers and it was good as new (and still looked good when I sold it 100K miles later!).

Failing that, any other suggestions other than very obvious overcovers for the seats?

Thanks in advance.


Sitting Comfortably

It is not possible as the seats are made by a supplier and shipped to the factory as complete units, ready to fit into the vehicle.

One option is to find an auto upholsterer in your area who will replace the material, but these are expensive as obtaining the fabrics is costly. The equipment used to repair seats is also expensive as it is often specialised heavy duty equipment.

Another option is to fit aftermarket seat covers, these are available in a range of sizes and qualities, and some can be tailored with a needle and thread.

Blasted seats!

Many thanks for that. I pretty much suspected that it wouldn't be as simple as I hoped. I did briefly plan to find a scrapper with a good, matching passenger seat and strip it down, (the pattern is a pretty common Terios one), but then I noticed the seat bases are 'handed' and won't swap left to right - arghhh. The chances of finding a scrap Terios with matching drivers seat in better condition is probably vanishingly small... hmmm, wonder how much a replacement seat would be from Daihatsu? Probably 1/2 what the car is worth! Smile