Running Problems--PLEASE HELP


Hi All

Its a very long story but basically I have inherited my old M reg Fieldman back (F73).
It apparently started cutting out at junctions and similar so was retired in a field for 12 months. It was diagnosed as faulty fuel pump so last week when I got it back (it did start and limp home) we changed the fuel pump.
We then opened a whole can of worms with air in the fuel lines and spent 3 nights trying to solve that, it ran fine when bypassing the fuel tank and we eventually discovered a leaky line from the tank and fixed it.
So last night we got fuel lines all pressurised and good and took it for a test drive feeling very pleased with ourselves.
It however did not feel so good, it was brilliant when actually driving but stalled as soon as we started slowing down for junctions! When we got back it gave up the ghost again and would rev up and then engine would die. It will start again and idle happily but as soon as you rev up it dies again. Something is just not quite right and it is sooooooo frustrating! Please can anyone shed any light as he is too good to scrap!!

Odd ?

Sounds like fuel starvation, and like it looks like you've done all the right things to trace it.

All I can think of is that it's that weird tank breather that's bunged up. The easy way to check this is to test drive it with the fuel cap removed (and not too much diesel in the tank, cos I will be well pissed off if I follow your diesel trail on my motorbike ! )

The other thing to check is that the fuel filter is clear. Possibly it's full of water and the sensor has packed up, so you are not getting the idiot light coming up on the instrument display.

It's an odd one .... best of luck !

Thank you rf man I will give

Thank you rf man

I will give that a go tomorrow, I also have a diesel engine expert (I hope) coming to have a look tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for me!!


Ok, Assassin is officially the king of Daihatsu. Timing was out. The beast is running again, and better than ever.
Thank you everyone