sportrak problems


hiya,just done head gasket and its running like a sack of sxxt Shok .it pulses when running the rpm goes between 800 and 2000 rpm >Sad .am i going potty? >Sad .it seams to run on 3 cylinders no 4 doesnt seam to do bugger all Scratch one-s head .all put back together as per the daihatsu manual.anyhelp would be gratefully received.cheers not so sportyjay Cray 2

bloody sportrak

also no4 plug is wet and cold,could a lead have failed?.


Cold and Wet!

2004 Sirion 1300 4 Track. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape much.

Means it is not working.
Check the lead and the plug and all connections to the distrbutor etc.

Clearly there is no Spark. (Cold and Wet)

And explains your comment "Running like a bag of s--t!!

Fingers crossed that is all it is.


2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.


A POXY INJECTOR CONNECTOR WAS THE CULPRIT }:) }:) ,something simple was the cause of all the problems Biggrin ,thanks to all forum members for all there help. Wink