Feroza EL3 engine problem


Driving to work earlier this week i stopped at a set of lights, when they went green i tried to take off and the engine stalled, anyway when i revved the motor it just kept missing like it was running on 2 cylinders.. left it for a while when i started it cold and revved it it was fine, so started driving and the same thing happened again after the temp rose to about 3/4 of operating temp..
is it some sort of sensor for the efi

its a 1.6litre DOHC engine


Sound like its not putting enough fuel through, it will run when cold cos its on "choke" (i know it aint got one and its efi but i still call it choke" I would do a diagnostic check with the engine light). Could also be the lambda sensor but do a diag 1st and see if it shows anything up.

if its running lean it will also run hotter.