Can anyone help me?
I have a leaking front nearside hub on a 1985 Fourtrack that is spraying oil around my wheel and tyre. How do I fix it? Does anyone know where I might get a manual for my 1985 fourtrack / Rocky?

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see here

cant help with the hub seal but for a manual see on here for a thread by Lurch as he sells them for £15.00. Which renminds me i have to order one from him for my 4trak.



Manual for the Rocky

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The manual from Lurch is cheap and very very good. I highly recommend it.
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HacksawIf as you say the


If as you say the leak is 'spraying' oil out..then you have a major failure of the steering knuckle oil seal or the axle housing oil seal.
To replace either would necessitate a strip down of the hub and in the case of the axle housing seal a strip down and removal of the steering knuckle.

Try to more accurately identify where exactly the oil is escaping from m8 and we will be able to point you in the right direction.

If you have manual or automatic hubs fitted they have to be removed first.

If you intend doing this job yourself I strongly recommend that you get yourself the manual..your gonna need it.

Get one here http://www.daihatsu-drivers.co.uk/node/view/166

Leaking hub

Thank you very much for the the advice, any idea where I might get a Manual from?

Yeh I gave you the link in my

Yeh I gave you the link in my last post..it takes you to the page where manuals are for sale.

In actual fact, if all that i

In actual fact, if all that is required is replacing the knuckle seal, this can be done with all hub componants in situ. It doesnt allow for replacement of grease in the hub. All you need to do is cut the rubber seal at 45 deg, And the felt seal in a similar manner. You then just remove the 8 bolts that hold the 2 half moon seal retainers, and the steering stop, and pull the old felt and rubber seal off. You then just reassemble with the cut in the seal uppermost, and a touch of silicone on the cut. This is a quick fix, and not necessarily in the book.
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