Sportrak radiator problem


HI guys, just looking for a bit of advice realy. The radiator on my daihatsu sportrak (1994) has gone and i desperatly need to replace it for as cheap as possible. I have taken the old radiator out but am strugling to find a cheap replacement. is it possible to get the radiators recondiditoned and does anyone have any idear of the cost? also does any one know of one avalible from a vechile that they are breaking? i live in birmingham so anyone with any local knowlage of a man in the know would be brilliant. In terms of geting a secondhand radiator or shelling out 130 quid for a new one, what would you guys go for bearing in mind the veichle will probly need some welding for its next mot on its body work and the date of the mot is drawing near. Cheers CHRIS.

Recore is not cheap

Speaking to someone at work who owns an old Landy, he had his radiator re-cored for around £100 - so it sounds like your only real options are to get a non-leaky scrap one, or go for a new one.

1985 Veg oil burning Fourtrak "Rocky".

1985 Veg oil burning Fourtrak "Rocky".


Hi re the radiator i have just replaced mine for £112 inc post which i didnt think was bad,but for me that wasnt the end of the problem as it turned out to be the thermostat to be the problem as it was only opening a bit, not enough to be obvious!!
you would do well to find a good one second had though.
you say yours has "gone" what do you mean?

when i say gone i just mean

when i say gone i just mean the leak is big enough from the radiator to drip empty when it isn't presurised and rad weld did not work at all. Im just not sure wether throwing £100 quid at the car is worth it.

Thankyou for all the replys so far!

leaking rad

Hi just a though if you know where its leaking from you could always take it out and solder it up you havent got any thing to lose have you? You can do a lot of repairs for a £100!


What would it cost to replace the truck, and only you know what you have.assuming the only problem is the radiator. if you want to gamble buy a 2nd hand one, or get a recon or new on for piece of mind.

My self, I have a '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX, purchased when 3 years old, 2nd owner. Have been on a rolling rebuild for the last 4 years, wheel/axle bearing,front and rear, Front hub replacement ( Manuals) complete suspension rebuild, body shop made sills ,inner and outer and rear floor pan replacement, usual wearing parts/filters ect, fuel line,heater plugs (2), brake line's and have now purchased a '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX for spares at a cost of £250, and the rad is be'ing taken out to rebuilt for use in "Chunky" as I have a over heating problem at agressive motorway driving.( I know she was not built for that type of work) but there is a potential problem there. Body panels are planed to come off and be refurbished, I can weld and fabricate, and if required engine/axle's and gearbox's for replacement/rebuilds, and in all the cost is less spread over the years, than purchasing a replacement truck that I can trust !!!!!.

Is not your truck worth in the region of £100 !!, assuming the rad is is the only major problem for continued use ,enjoyment, work out the costings for replacement truck.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


Check out your local Serck marston, good service at reasonable prices, will be a lot less than £100 and carry the same guarantee as a new rad.