Terios Head bolt torque ??


Hi, I've had to remove the cylinder head from a 99' terios 16v, with an engine code of HC-EJ, can anybody please help me with the head bolt tightening torques? I can't seem to find it anywhere, has anyone else had a head gasket failure on these engines?

Many thanks.

auto data

there is a way to get the torque figures Wink .what you need to do is go to your local garage and ask if they have an autodata book Help ,these are snap on books so very good.i will try to get some details for you.cheers sportyjay Blum 3



all i have found out is that the hd e figures are 3 stages Help

1st stage 27nm Wink

2nd stage 47nm Smile

3rd stage 67nm Biggrin

i dont know if they are the same Scratch one-s head .still checking,did my sportrak engine last week to this and its been peeeeeeerfect Smile .good luck