jvc stereo head unit installation problems


Hi, I have been trying to fit a jvc head unit into a 99 terios for the past week, I have bought the relevant iso lead, but the unit shows no signs of life, however when fitted into my own car, works perfectly, so not a fault with the stereo.

I have checked the fuses under steering wheel column, which all seem fine, does anyone know where i am going wrong, or could even tell me what wires are what, so i can get this working, as this is a birthday present, and have as yet been unable to use. I believe the right hand block (smaller) are speakers, and also the red, red + black, mint, mint + black are also speakers.

thanks in advance


i dont have a terios and the

i dont have a terios and the wiring on my fourtak was alrady butchered so no aftermarket lead - have you got access to a multimeter to measure if voltage is actually present on the pins of the iso adapter at the stereo end? - i take it the iso adapter is coloured standard, ie yellow permanent live , red ignition 12v, black, earth and the standard white/grey/green/purple for the speakers. i would suspect it is probably an earthing problem - if the colours are right then (with the ign on) youll get 12v between yellow or red and chassis metal but not between yellow or red and the black wire - if this is the case the black wire needs earthing.

hope this helps some



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