Cat converter


Hi, new to this site so please be gentle. I have a 91 Sporty Elxi, and would like some advice please. The insides of the cat converter have come loose and rattle around(v annoying) I can knock the honeycomb out (dont need it for MOT) but will it affect the mixture or can the management system compensate?. Any ideas would be welcome.


It shouldnt affect the mixture as the sensor that measures the emisions is in the down pipe. You can see it quite easily from the near side (passenger on rhd).



Cat converter

Have seen the sensor you describe, my concern is that I will be creating faster flowing exhaust gases and if the managment system relies on a certain back pressure to maintain the correct fuel to air ratio will I be upsetting it.

dont worry

It wont make any difference on the 1.6i lump, many aftermarket exhausts are free (er) flowing anyway, in fact if its pre 92 it dont need the cat anyway and i would bin it asap.

Dont worry about it.



Cat Converter

have taken your advice, the engine is much more responsive, fuel economy is the same, bit lumpy when cold otherwise all ok, many thanks.

Might affect a highly tuned engine .....

Try it and see, you have nothing to lose.

The reason I replied is that the standard tuning technique of 'Good All American Boys' wishing to tune their crap-o-lytic stifled 5 litre monsters, was to take a hacksaw to the pipework and hurl the converter as far as possible.

It might be socially irresponsible and Nanny might object, but ball-bearings to that !!!