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Feel welcomed to visit our small website about Daihatsu 4x4 cars, at
Greetings from Poland,

We ship Worldwide

My name is Dave Kerr, I have a company called Blood Red Offroad Ltd and we supply our off road modifications for all Daihatsu fourtrak and sportrak models 1979 - 2002 and are happy to ship world wide.
Our website is www.bloodredoffroad.com.
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We will be happy to link your website, would like to link us.
Very best regards

Hello Dave, We have added

Hello Dave,

We have added your website's address in "Spare parts" section, as we think some people might be interested in buying this kind of accessories.

Unfortunatelly the main problem here in Poland is that there is not official Daihatsu dealer, and a lot of new spare parts are hard to find.

Best regards,