allternater probs


were can i get an allternater for an 1995 f75 because mine packed up the other day :cry: it the one with the oil feed on the back can eneybody Help ....... please!!!!

You can obtain a recontinione

You can obtain a recontinioned exchange one from Millners for £128


Or why not look in the yellow pages for 'rewinds' or maybe you already know of an autoelectrical place that recons them..probably do it for about £60-70

The thing on the back of your alty is a vacuum pump m8

What died on your alternator?

What died on your alternator?? Is it just not charging, and you have the charge light lit on your dash? If so, it probably just needs new brushes. An easy fix, any good auto electrician should stock them, and all you need is a soldering iron, a spanner, and a phillips head screwdriver to fix it. Takes about 1/2 hr. Dont waste your money on a new alternator, if you dont need one.
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Bundy' is right, Get it out and get it fixed. Did mine, only cost me 20 notes.

Word of warning , if youve got an old UK vehicle you'll probably find the spindle bolt is seized and you can't get the alty out. Instead drop the alternator off the engine by taking the bracket off the engine. (there's two bolts under the bracket flange that go into the engine case). You'll have to remove one of those tin gaurds underneath it to get at it but thats no bother.
It's a load quicker and you can get the spindle bolt out once its on the bench. It'll probably need a bit of heat to 'break' it loose.