Servicing a 55 plate, Terios sport .... advise please


Hi everyone, I'm Gary from Kent, I joined this forum for advise and tips, hope you're all willing to share your vast knowledge with a newbie.

Anyway, the wife has a 55 plate Terios Sport (the 13i model, not the new shape - which I personally don't think are as good).

We brought it new and to date has only got 10000 miles on it, but I want to carry out this service myself, now i have serviced loads of cars when i was younger (cortina's, capri's, Rover's & landy's) but never serviced a jap engine ......

So my question is this...

What parts do i need and how do i find out part numbers etc, main dealers generally are not interested unless you are getting them to service it or buying the parts off them, and paying 4 x the price for the privalidge.

I'm not tight, i just don't like getting ripped off.

Any leads would be greatly appresheiated.