LM grease or Moly grease on gearbox input shaft?


Just wondering what people use? The manual says moly grease on the clutch parts and input shaft however my local motorfactor recommended LM grease which I used.
Will this be fine or am I better off re-doing with Moly grease?

Aunty Molly

The reason it states moly grease is quite simple, this is molybdenum disulphide grease, which has a much higher working temperature than Castrol LM.

Castrol LM is a general purpose grease with a much lower working temperature range, and the clutch mechanism generates high temperatures. The Castrol grease would simply seperate out into its oil and powder solution and the oil would contaminate everything.

b#llocks. going to have to

b#llocks. going to have to separate the bellhousing again!!
oh well luckily the engine is still sat on a pallet.
many thanks for the advice. cheers.

No Seperation

No need to seperate the engine/gearbox, simply access it through the clutch arm aperture, remove the large rubber gaitor and you have instant access. Use a torch to see inside, and you should be able to get at most of it easily by turning the gearbox output shaft.

many thanks assassin, i

many thanks assassin, i thought of that but as it was all lined up on the pallet it took about 30 mins to remove, re-grease and torque up. cheers.