noisey rattle from r/h/s....


Hi there,
My beloved sporty is having a few issues... there is a rattle that seems to be getting progressivley louder on the front drivers side(could this be a ball joint???)... It also has the dreaded "clonk" on full lock, but discovering from old posts this is pobably dry bump stops... will do. Slight "wobbly" steering wheel at speed.

I've recently had new calipers and pads on the front to try to cure a moderately savage pull to the left under braking. I've had the rear hubs off and the rear drums look fine and evenly worn. I've bled the whole system. I did notice that the pads were a tight fit though.... should I copper grease these??? Still pulls to the left hard at low speed.

- rattle on drivers side front.
- Slights wobbly steering wheel.
- Hard pull to the left under braking

Thanks in advance.