Sportrak From Hell, No Seriously.


I know everyones getting tired my sportraks problems, Yes its a hypocondriac, but it's one thing after another!
Ive had most things replaced on it, but this is a bit different.

Driving perfectly up a hill in town. Third gear. Then it starts juddering and refusing to go up the hill, like your in the wrong gear except worse. Pulled into bus stop, had a quick check, Ok, tried again, after a bit started again. Desparate not to ring the AA had to keep stopping and starting, every so often down the road, I practically had wip lash by the time I got home. Obviously I can't drive it in this state so please HELP!

I think Ive narrowed it down to the engine not getting enough fuel. Has anyone had this problem before?


Sportak from Hell

Try replacing the fuel filter Sarah, it is an easy job and is often the one most overlooked. Sounds like the problem is related to fuel supply as the only other fault that would cause the problem you have described is worn spark plugs which I assume you would have already replaced.

David Mc

David Mc

Thanks for the advice

Right I do that.

Its, just been serviced so it must be something like that


Sportrak from hell

when the problem starts pull over and release the fuel filler cap to see if pressure has built up in the fuel tank. If the car runs again after releasing the pressure it could be a problem with a breather valve or fuel line. Secondly my Sportrak seems prone to damp and occasionally runs rough on damp days, a squirt of wd40 around the distridutor cap usually does the trick.

good luck

Fuel filter

Hi there,
I have had the same problem but, it was not the fuel filter but the actual cap that was leaking air into the system.
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Sportrak chugs up hills!

Did you fix it?

I have exactly the same problem.

I have already gone through most of the excellent suggestions before stumbling on this little gold mine.

I am off to drill me filler cap!



I have some probs starting my

I have some probs starting my TDX and when I take the fuel cap off you can sometimes hear the air rush in to the filler neck, guess this tank should be vented as well as the Sporty Unknw

Guy I used to work with went to fill his car with fuel and couldn't work out why he could only get a gallon in, took it to the garage and the vent being blocked had collapsed the fuel tank which he had to replace !!.

If you are into Ducati's Sarah try this site

Which Dook have you got ?, mine are 996R and ST2 (also MVF4)

3 more posibilities for you,

3 more posibilities for you, both similar. 1, is the bottom of your fuel tank dented? If so it could be too close to the fule pickup pipe which hanges down to very nearly the bottow of the tank from wher it enters the tank at the top. If this is the case, the suction of fuel being pulled out of the tank (especaly when the engine is working hard i.e up hill, towing, accelerating...)can suck the bottom of the tank it self onto the pipe, stoping fuel entering the pipe. The engine stops , the suction goes, so does the problem. If this is your problem, you should be able to restart your car almos instantly without any problems.
2, there is some larg peice of floatsom in your tank. It has the same effect of blocking the fuel line, but takes longer to disengage itself from the fuel line. This would possibly need longer to clear befor you can drive away again. It could help to blow back down the fuel line into the tank to clear any obstructions. If this is the problem the tank needs removing from the car and cleaning out.
3, does this problem only occur when the fual level is low, or at least does it happen more the lower the fuel level? If so there could be a hole in the fuel pick up pipe. It's easier for the fuel pump to suck in air than fuel, so if there's a hole, your engine will be getting a very week fuel/air mix.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Ooooooh the possibilities!

No, it happened when the tank was 3/4 full. The engine doesn't cut out either, it still runs, its just that the car won't go. It did happen more often on hills. Does this make any sense?

I also thought that there might have been a vacuum in the tank caused by the breather thingy being blocked, as I couldn't get the filler cap off. The breather hole, I think, is visible near the entrance stretching upwards. Any ideas on how to check if this is blocked are much apprieciated.


If the breather hole in the tank is blocked take off the fuel cap (If you cant get it off when the prob happens then yep its prob vacuum) put on one of those £5.oo plastic quick fix ones but drill a hole thro it first. run around for a while and if all ok then you can sort it out properly. if it still does it then you have only lost a fiver and not half a day messing about trying to fix the unbroken.

Please dont be tempted to go about with no fuel cap on, to dangerous



Another possibility

A totally unrelated fault which can give similar symptoms is seriously worn or broken engine or gearbox mountings. Does it behave like you described when taking up drive in reverse? Low revs in a high gear usually shows the problem.