wondering sporty steering


Hi my 93 efi sporty wonders all over the place?
I have checked the wheel bearings,track rod ends,steering idler,and box there is a little play in the linkage but only minor and not excessive for a steering box set up any body had the same problem?
i have read some of the threads on here and many contradict each other????( when driveing it feels like the old days when driveing on cross ply tyres if you remember)
any help greatfully recieved

unstable Sporty

had a similar problem with my first Sportrak, wandered & the back would try & pass you if you pushed it through bends,try the rear shockers , mine were shot,also worth taking a bit of play out of the box if its a bit loose (have it jacked up & feel it lock to lock after small adjustments)

wandering sporty

Hi keith thanks for the reply,i will try adjusting the box and see if it has any effect,but to be honest it doesnt seem that slack.
i will let you know if it helps


Top and bottom ball joints?