F78 Fourtrak CV Boot Clarification Please


I'm about to replace my CV boots and have read previous posts on the subject, particularly Assassin's helpful post in Sept. 2007. I am clear that so far as the NEARSIDE is concerned you seperate the inner drive flange and remove the clip from inside the outer CV cup and remove the shaft.

The OFFSIDE however has no inner flange. It has a cup indoard of the inner CV joint and there is no obvious way of seperating this unlike the drive flange on the nearside.

From Lubes post I believe that the OFFSIDE inner CV joint cup has a clip, presumably similar to the outer CV arrangement.

So for the OFFSIDE you pull back the boots and remove the clip from both outer and inner joints and remove the shaft?

Sorry to appear pedantic, but have I got this right? I hate getting into something without understanding it properly first and ending up down a cul de sac!!

yes my post is definitely

yes my post is definitely correct for the f78 nearside (uk). the clip is in the cup on the differential (inner) end of the nearside driveshaft. no need to remove both cups, just the inner one then you can get both boots off. as for the offside boots i haven't done them yet. cheers.

Thanks Lube

When you withdraw the shaft, does it all stay together or do you have to take care of ball bearings falling out?

Once it's out I guess there's a C clip or something on the end which after removal allows the seperated yoke to slide off and the boots to be replaced.

I'm afraid I can't help you with your post clutch change issues, hope you solve them OK.

Many thanks

David T

from what i can remember

from what i can remember once you remove the clip all the bb's come out and the whole thing comes apart.