strange problems after clutch change


so, got the engine out did the clutch etc. etc. put it all back, everything mechanical works fine, 2wd, 4h, 4l except the drive light and the temp gauge!

the needle on the dash for the temp doesn't move from zero (yes i did fill it with water/coolant).

the drive light is very strange. with the 4h button OUT the light flicks ON IN BETWEEN NEUTRAL and 4L on the transfer box, but is off when the transfer box is engaged in either position.

when the 4H button is depressed, the light flicks on in beween NEUTRAL and 2H on the transfer box, and between neutral and 4L as before.

in both cases i can hear the footwell relay click as usual.

anyone got any idea as to what might be causing this?


ok sorted the temp gauge

ok sorted the temp gauge problem, didn't see the second sender connector underneath the green one for the glow plugs - typical!
just out of interest the white plug is for the temp gauge, but there is also a black plug which looks identical and i don't think was ever connected - what is this for?

the 4wd light problem is stil there, although this evening it did come on permanently for the 4h switch, then i put it in 4l and it went off, and back to 4h again and it stayed off, so something weird is going on, will test with an ohmmeter and post the results!


ok fixed the 4wd light

ok fixed the 4wd light problem. turned out the neutral switch was faulty and was only engaging part way along it's travel, and was open circuit either side.

immersing in petrol and flicking about helped. gave it a dab of 3 in 1, and put a washer on it and tightened it just the right amount so that the zero-resistance position was engaged in the 2H and 4L positions, so it just about works! i'll probably have to replace the switch at some point.

useful things i realised (from the manual) are:
the 2H 4L stick is in fact just a high-low stick. both 4L and 4H are actually actuated by the vacuum system.
the neutral and 4wd switches can be connected either way around, hence the same shape connectors.
the 4wd and low switches do exactly the same thing, i.e. switch over the pressure valves.
hope this helps someone!

4WD engagement


Mines a '91 TDX Fourtrak, with a 4WD HI/2WD HI dash switch, actuacted by the vacuum system, and the selection of HI/ 4 LO range is via the transfer stick , 4LO is purely a mechanical system, no vacuum actuater, you can feel the gears engaging through the stick.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

that's what i thought my f78

that's what i thought my f78 did, in fact i believe all the 4L stick is doing on mine is selecting low ratio, and it is the 4L switch at the back of the transfer case that is actuating the vacuum to engage 4wd.

i think i'm right in saying that if you removed the 4L switch and put the stick into the 4L position you would have 2wd low ratio. either that or i've totally misunderstood the layout in the F70-75-77 manual! cheers.

Engaged !!!!!!!!!!!

A most interesting link. So it would seem the actual engagement/output of drive to the front axle is via the vacuum actuator, with the stick only engaginging the low range gears. Must admit I have never studied the this section of the workshop manual, had no need to yet!!!, but having read these posts and looked at the revelant sections I now have a better understanding of the operation of the transfer box. I am still after all these years, in the MK1 Landrover gearbox method of operation.!!!!!!!!!!!.

Oh Lord, buy me another MK1 land Rover and a bent nail and a piece of string and it will go on forever!!!!!, and Janis Joplin wanted a Mercedes Benz!!!!!!!!

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX