Rear Seat Belts


Anyone know if I can retro-fit real rear seat belts in my '90 Fourtrak. I have seen these fitted on later models and need some for the safety of my kids.
If possible, does anyone know where to source the bits.
Thanks in advance for any information on this.

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I have a 1985 F75 Rocky, same

I have a 1985 F75 Rocky, same as a Fourtrak. It came fitted with rear seat belts as standard.
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I have the lap belts fitted a

I have the lap belts fitted as standard in my trak...while these are not adequate, as I think most would agree,there is a solution.
I fitted a harness called the 'lap adapter'. This effectively converts the lap belt to a full harness suitable for children and adults alike since it is easily adjusted to fit.
They are also very simple to fit...necessitating only the drilling of a hole in the rear floor pan behind the rear seat to anchor the restraining strap.The lap adapter comes as a kit with everything you need.
Halfords used to stock this item but I dont think they do so now.
You can purchase them directly from the manufacturer.
I will look out the details and get back to on this.
Hope this helps...I have two kids and would never trust their safety to just the lap belts.
The fitting of standard seat belts is not possible beacause their is no suitable anchor point, unless you fit a roll bar arrangement. This could then be used to anchor standard belts.

Just checked : go here to see the product I bought :
Contact Unwin safety products
Unwin Safety Systems
Unwin House
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United Kingdom

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Rear Seat Belts

Thanks for the information.I have now fitted the lap-adapter seat belts (£29 + vat).The kids have been told they are just like rally seat belts,so they love them.

If you have a dig around the

If you have a dig around the botom of the wheel arches and under the carpet in the midle of the rear floor, you'l probably find the mounting holes for seat belts. If so all you need do is find some in a scrap car that face the right way. Be carful to get belts that are mounted the right way as inertia reel seatbelts will only alow you to pull the belt out from the drum when the reel is at the corect angle. (this angle depending on which direction the original designers made the belts to fit).

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The seat belts fitted in the

The seat belts fitted in the back of the Fourtrack are simply least in earlier models and do not have inertia drums but are simply bolted to the two mounting points.

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