Where can i get a mechanical for carb sportrak


My fuel lift pump in the engine bay is leaking from the diaphragm. Does anyone know where i can get a new/ 2nd hand one Unknw no scrappy around have a carb sportrak. (i live near gloucester) Cant really afford a new one from ebay which are around £50


Look around your area for a carburettor specialist, they will recondition it fully for this price, repair it for you, or just supply the parts.



Check out your local motor factors for a carb diaphragm kit. Usually its a matter of removing the pump unit ,cleanimg and removing a ring of small screws to access the diaphragm.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

carb question

Hi bensd, there is not much sportrak/feroza carb users, I recommend you to make photos or tag rubber vacum hoses, where is what, because till now after I changed my carb Iam not sure If it works fine like before. I got great please to you, could I have some photos of yours connections of carb? I can't find any info, manual does not says much.

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