Fourtrak Thefts


It would appear that thefts of Fourtraks have surged again in recent months in the Midlands area, so a warning to owners in the area. One contact in the insurance industry highlighted this unusual surge, and the thefts are mainly of Fourtraks stolen to be used in other robberies. It would appear that they are stolen to pinch plant and other smaller equipment already on trailers, mainly at many of the current, numerous roadworks sites. Thieves target a vehicle/vehicles and a particular location with plant already on trailers at the side of the road, they simply steal the vehicle, drive to the site of the plant, hitch up and away.

Vehicles are always dumped, burned out, and usually in rural areas; one other interesting observation is that pikeys are nearly always in the area of the thefts. The plant and trailers are very rarely found, and the stolen Fourtraks are always those with no alarm, or older alarm systems fitted.