Broken Diesel Injector pipes/ TDI engine types


My friends Landrover has the Fourtrak TDi engine and has started to break the rearmost and occasionally second rearmost injector pipe. It has done this about 6 times now. The bracket and rubber mounts seem ok. Any ideas please?

What are the differences between TDI engines of different ages and when did they change pls?


The most usual cause is excessive flexing of the pipes when they are removed or installed, and excessive engine vibration which stresses the excessively bent areas constantly.

This is much like bending a spoon constantly, after a period it will eventually snap.

Try replacing the engine mounts to remove some of the engines vibrations, old mounts soon allow excess engine vibration to occur.

Injector pipes

Many thanks assassin. he has just replaced the soggy engine mounts so fingers crossed.