New rear AVO adjustable shocks fitted to YRV Turbo



New one off adjustable AVO rear shocks fitted with TEIN lowering springs


Dampers etc

So you got there in the end Jon!

Have you run through the range of damper settings....and how did the car handle with the different settings? Can you hear the dampers chuntering quietly to themselves?

A couple of points from your pic. You have the old type original bent-up mounting brackets for your anti-roll bar. One of these broke on my YRV Premium and the replacements are made from angle, much sterner stuff.

Also, notice the lack of free movement of the snubbers with the shorter springs. You only have about an inch of compression left before the snubbers bottom. If you carry anything heavy in the rear of your car they are bound to bottom. I took mine out when I fitted progressive springs to avoid any bottoming problems. Don't ask me what might happen if one of my springs breaks.

And finally, if you want your Turbo to last forever, get yourself a 5L can of Supertrol and a hand-held spray bottle and roll about on the floor spraying the rust under the car. Rust can also form under the plastic side pods on the sills so it's worth taking those off to check and spray.

YRV Tony

YRV Tony

Hi Tony I certainly did, and

Hi Tony I certainly did, and the AVOs didn't put any extra height on the rears either Smile

Left these on the harsh setting for now, as it stops the tyres from rubbing the rear wheel arches. will experiment after a bit to see where I can go with this Wink

Thanks for the tips on the Anti-roll bar. Where did you get a replacement from?

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