YRV anti-roll bar bracket



For jpor.

Jon, see the angle iron bracket. Trevor Levy of Camspeed fitted my anti-roll bar (with the original weedy bent-up brackets) and when one broke he supplied the replacement angle iron brackets. He was quite impressed that my cornering speeds had managed to break a bracket! Unfortunately Camspeed has long gone to Canada, so your only chance of getting these beefier brackets is direct from Daihatsu.

Also note the Daihatsu progressive spring(s). These, fitted long after the bracket failure, raise the rear ride height by about 15mm, so see the large resulting snubber clearance. Since this pic I've removed the snubbers to completely avoid any snubber bottoming problems.

Also note the rust-free underbody of my 2001 YRV....all down to Supertrol!

YRV Tony