different models


Hello all. I'm new to this group and recently bought a feroza (sportrak) sxp. My question is this, what are the differences in the models. I've seen sx, ex, el etc. So I'm wondering what the differences are and wether or not mine is the wide track model

Different models

Have a look at the vehicle id tag on the front passenger side of your feroza. If the tag contains the identifier "F300" it is the early version. "F310" is the wide-track (which also has plastic wheel arch extensions fitted). In Australia the Feroza was released in 2 versions, Feroza and Feroza II. Mine is a Feroza II SXP(wide-track), which is supposed to be the top of the range model, the base model for my model year (1993) was the SX.

David Mc

Different models

thanks for your reply. I've looked and mine is the F310. It's a feroza II SXP made in june 93. I take it that a wide trak model is better then?