thinking about buying a mira????


hi im new to this forum, just registered today. i am thinking about buying a mira trxx but i dont know what i should be paying for one. ive only seen one for sale but has 160000km on the clock. its a front wheel drive and has a little turbo on it. seems very very small but yet very very attractive. any advice on what i should do or if anyone has got one for sale please tell me. thanks.

Hi There, Don't personally

Hi There,

Don't personally own a Mira, but know what you mean, they have a strange appeal ;-). Currently drive a Daihatsu YRV Turbo (1.3 16v), and I enjoy the car immensly, shame Daihatsu have toned down the cars they sell these days Sad

If you are looking to buy a Mira then have a look on as there are a couple on there at the moment for sale.

Hopefully someone will come on to advise on the car for you. But being a Daihatsu you shouldn't have any reliability issues Smile

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daihatsu mira trxx

hi, i have driven the black mira you are talking about,if the owner is dion he imports these cars and i bought a red avanzato from him,he has a source in japan who only gets him the best cars,the black mira is a 3 cylinder model and is very quick on acceleration but not as smooth top end,the car is in really good condition,and a really nice car,hope this helps.regards steve


I know the one you are

I know the one you are talking about, black one on car and classic, I have Avanzato R4 and I am very pleased with it, they are a lot off fun to drive and very cheap to run, I can't belive the fuel economy for the performance it returns, especially when it just you in the car and at insurance group 7. I would and did go for and official daihatsu imported one which are the silver R4 (as you may know these are 4 cyl instead of three indicated by the R and the 4 means four wheel drive) models sold by Daihatsu between 97 and 98 mainly. The two currently on pistonheads are UK models and the the inusrance is a lot cheaper for the UK models, I was quoted over double for an imported one. Secondly I think the 4cyl smoother than the 3cyl and a bit better at higher speeds. Saying that the imported one is going to lighter without the four wheel drive system and prob faster 0-60 as a result. I understand people have had problems with the manual gearbox and this is very expensive to replace, this is the downside as far as I can see they are pretty complicated and parts are not cheap and not that easy to find sometimes. Though if the service history is there and the very short intervals (3500 miles) abided by they are ok even the gearbox. I am sure there are people on here who know better than me so feel free to correct any of this.....


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