F78 Fourtrak Front wheel bearing and fuel pipes.


I am working my way through the MoT advisories on my 1994 TDS Inde.

The Front wheel bearing has slight play. Are these adjustable eg tapers or should I replace them? What is involved?

The fuel pipes are corroded. What do i need to do to replace them? I have plenty of 6mm and 8mm copper microbore pipe around and have noted the suggestion about soldering olives onto the pipes to aid grip by the flexi hose and clip.

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The front bearings are adjustable on independant models, remove the front hub assenbly and you will see the adjusting nut, simply adjust.
While it is stripped clean out the bearing and repack with lithium based waterproof grease, also clean and fully pack the hub to prevent future problems from water and mud ingress.

Replace the fuel pipes with copper pipes, solder olives onto the end to give the flexible pipes grip, when you mount them ensure they are not in contact with steel as this causes electrolytic reaction. Ensure they are isolated by using plastic sleeves or rubber tubing over them where they may contact steel.
The size you will need is 8mm bore.

Is there a simple guide step

Is there a simple guide step by step guide for front hub maintenance, or is it a case of getting hold of a workshop manual?

I.e....do you need any 'special' tools or will the contents of a basic tool box suffice. I'm not a hot shot mechanic, but can work through most basic things with a guide.


'94 Fourtrak Independent

'94 Fourtrak Independent

F78 wheel bearings etc

many thanks for the helpful info and advice. Interesting that the hub needs removal but it is a good opportunity to maintain it. I have plastic coated copper pipe which should be fine.

I too would benefit from a manual/ operator guide. See my separate posting on this , seeking an F78 manual. No replies yet.

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