Newbie Advice req'd please


Hello people. We are looking to replace my wife's Smart CDi with a dinky 4wd [either Terios or Jimny] and would like to know what to look out for on the Terios, and whether it has any vices (like picking up strangers on street corners ;)).

I notice that there is a considerable variance on pricing between Daihatsu dealers for similar cars, which could be geographical. Rural dealers seem to be up to £1000 dearer than town dealers. 4wd centres also seem to be dearer. Scratch one-s head

Look forward to your replies. Biggrin

Hi Haymonster If your wife

Hi Haymonster

If your wife's CDi is so smart why you gettin rid UnknwSmile

It has to be said that most 4WD vehicles never venture further than the school run never mind offroad...having said that you are asking about comparisons between two excellent smaller 4WD vehicles.Over the last couple of years both cars memtioned have won accolades in the leading offroad magazines for their abilities as offroad fact the Suzuki won 4WD car off the year in 2002 or was it 2001, cant quite remember.
As a Daihatsu owner (Fourtrack)I cant see past them..they have an enviable reputation for reliability. Earlier models of the Fourtrack did suffer somewhat from corrosion problems...however the Terios does not and comes with a six year anti-corrosion warranty anyhow.Despite the Terios only having a 1.3 petrol engine (no diesel option)it is reputed to be suprisingly nippy and very willing in harsher terrains.I think paying for the 'sport'model gets you a fair bit of extra kit..alloys,sidesteps etc if thats your bag.The mechanics however are identical throughout the range.
If I were you and your not sure which vehicle to go for...acquire all the literature,brochures up on both a test drive at your local friendly dealers and come to your conclusions...

For me the DAIHATSU would win everytime...but hey thats me ...I love em Biggrin

Hi Haymonster If your wife

Hi Mike,

Gettin rid as we tend to swap our cars after a couple of years. There's nothing wrong with the Smart CDi, in fact it's absolutely brilliant and puts a smile on our faces whenever we take it anywhere. It's the only car I know that will achieve 100mpg at a steady 60mph.:-O 21.5 litres for a 420 mile round trip.

There are so many cars we'd love to have, and so little time to try them all out.:lol:

It's not likely to get into the rough and tumble of off-roading, or the school run come to that. We just want something a bit different that's going to be reliable, without being expensive to maintain.

Having had a prod around them both, the Terios seems better put together, but the Jimny seems a bit more people friendly. Decisions, decisions...:-?