Scrapped for £2000


Finally my 90,000 mile Sporty EFi is destined for the knacker’s yard. Condition does not warrant scrapping but £2000 can't be refused ['J' reg Sporty] towards a brand new mini cooper-d.
After so many years and posting advice to countless 'topics' and 'emails', it will soon be time to let you sort your own problems!
Five weeks and Sporty will be gone to the car park in the sky!

Sorry to see you go. Though

Sorry to see you go. Though it is not too surprising, as since the scrappage scheme was introduced the number of visits to the site have generally decreased a few percent, with the biggest drop being with the 4x4 section where both the Sportrak and Fourtrak models would qualify for the scrappage scheme.


the end of the world

sorry to hear your going how are we going to carry on with out you to sort all the problems!
listen to your self.

Going going ........................

Only 48hours and then it is on its way to the scrapyard. Owned it since it was just 6months old. Never let me down, J reg, no rot and only done 92K miles.
Good luck to all diahatsu posters with your diahatsu and its repairs.

I still have the complete workshop manual on CD for Sporty up to April 30th 2001. Message me if interested but there will be a price to pay!