Terios Towbar Wiring Problem.


Hi All, Can any one help out with a Technical Wiring query reguarding my 09 Terios .I am going to fit a Towbar and 7 pin wiring kit, and would like to know if the Terios uses CAN BUS (mulitplex wiring system)?. I bought the genuine Towbar and wiring kit but the problem is the kit has a module for the Rear Parking Sensors my Terios has no Rear Parking Sensors fitted this means I will have to by pass this unit Scratch one-s head ,But don't want to do any Damage to the system, Has any one come across this before. Many Thanks Shugy.

not sure if its canbus or

not sure if its canbus or not - leave it with me - what is in the kit?

**edit** if its the kit on the daihatsu website it shouldnt matter just plug it in http://www.daihatsu.co.uk/terios/accessories/?id=26



Fourtrak Fieldman TDL 3" Body Lift on 31"x10.5 MT's
Chugging away nicely on B100 - happy days!!!

Fourtrak Fieldman TDL 3" Body Lift on 31"x10.5 MT's
Chugging away nicely on B100 - happy days!!!

Terios Towbar Bar Wiring Problem

Cheers Chris, All that's in the kit is a pre wired Module with 6 wires coming out of it plus the normal 7 core wire for the lights and various plug connections. The instructions are not the best as there are all cartoon type drawings and no English reading at all, so not much help with them, Don't know if it will work as the Module needs its own power supply from the fuse box that,s the bit I cannot understand as this is to switch off the Rear Parking Sensors when you select Reverse as I have no connection for the Parking Sensors Module to connect into the system Cray 2 . I know this might not help you out but there is very little in the kit as it's a plug and play type. I was looking up Ring Automotive site and they supply a Can Bus relay as you need this fitted to protect the Processor from over loads etc, but I don't know if the Terios has this type of wiring system on it. Cheers Shugy.

re:terios towbar wiring

i have 2008 terios & "was" going to fit a towbar.

apparently you have to have to remove the rear silencer box in order to drill holes in the chassis (on that side).

you also require a bypass relay so as not to cause probs with the "canbus" electrics.

terios is a great little car however any tech info is "extremely difficult" to obtain.

even the towbar fitters give it a by ball.

maybe someday when i'm feeling very brave i'll give it a go.