hijet running problems


usually pretty good on hijets but this ones being a right pain so thought one of you may be able to help the hijet is a 53 plate 1300 16valve with lpg convertion
the problems im experiencing are .The van starts first time but after driving a short distance it stalls when you put clutch in at yellow line. After this once it has been driven a bit longer and has warmed up it wont stall but has a bit of a missfire on all cylinders I have tried/ changed the following
ignition module
throttle body with sensors
front lamba sensor
these made no differance
changed today
fuel tank sender unit
and egr valve and tube
and remade rear earth on engine
next to egr
this has seemed to improve things slightly
but not 100 percent will no if stalls tommorow
is there anything else you can think of
thanks for any help I receive

running problems

It's bad enough trying to diagnose a running problem without the complication of an LPG conversion. I would suggest that you have the engine management system read with a code reader. If that doesn't show anything up, take it to your nearest LPG conversion garage and ask them to remove the LPG E.C.U, and see how it goes from there.